Die Lithiumtherapie Nutzen, Risiken, Alternativen

  title={Die Lithiumtherapie Nutzen, Risiken, Alternativen},
  author={Bruno M{\"u}ller-Oerlinghausen and Waldemar Greil},
Hypernatriämie als seltene Komplikation bei Umstellung von Lithium auf Valproat
This hypernatremia was due to renal diabetes insipidus stemming from the decades of lithium therapy, with accompanying polydipsia and polyuria, and also to the failure to give enough fluid to the somnolent patient.
Lithium Clinics in Berlin and Dresden: a 50-Year Experience.
The lithium clinics embedded in academic settings in Dresden and Berlin represent a milestone in the history of psychopharmacological treatment of affective disorders in Germany and trailblazers for today's lithium therapy.
Lithium: Updated Human Knowledge Using an Evidence-Based Approach
The efficacy of lithium is clearly dose-dependent and reliably correlates with serum concentrations, and therapeutic monitoring is the basis for optimal use and administration of this drug.
Akut- und Langzeittherapie der bipolaren Depressionen
Electroconvulsive therapy still has its place in severe, treatment-resistant bipolar depression and correct diagnosis and both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment initiation are essential tasks of primary care practitioners and secondary care psychiatrists.
Psychotherapie bei bipolaren affektiven Störungen
Mood stabilisers show convincing evidence of relapse prevention in patients suffering from bipolar affective disorder, however, despite continuous medication the majority of patients suffer from relapses.
General Principles of the Treatment of Depressive and Manic Disorders
This chapter describes general guidelines for the treatment of affective disorders. It is thus more specific than Chap. 9 (Vol. 1, Part 2), which concerns the general principles of treatment in
Erklärungsebenen der Wirkungen von Lithium auf menschliches Erleben und Verhalten
Die groste Schwierigkeit hinsichtlich der Darstellung des Wirkungsmechanismus von Lithiumsalzen besteht darin, das Lithium zum einen eine Vielzahl beispielsweise biochemischer Variablen beeinflust,