Die Isomorphismengruppe der freien Gruppen

  title={Die Isomorphismengruppe der freien Gruppen},
  author={Jakob Nielsen},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
  • J. Nielsen
  • Published 1 September 1924
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematische Annalen
Représentation par des transvections des groupes d'Artin–Tits
In a recent article, C. Kassel and C. Reutenauer studied the connection between the4 strand braid group and Sturmian morphisms in word combinatorics. The aim of the current work is to extend this
On explicite l'approche de Cohn (1955) de la theorie de Markoff. On montre en particulier comment l'arbre complet des solutions de l'equation diophantienne associee apparasit comme quotient du
A Comparison Theorem for the Topological and Algebraic Classification of Quaternionic Toric 8-Manifolds
A Comparison Theorem for the Topological and Algebraic Classification of Quaternionic Toric 8-Manifolds
On the Andreadakis Problem for Subgroups of $IA_n$
  • Jacques Darn'e
  • Mathematics
    International Mathematics Research Notices
  • 2019
Let $F_n$ be the free group on $n$ generators. Consider the group $IA_n$ of automorphisms of $F_n$ acting trivially on its abelianization. There are two canonical filtrations on $IA_n$: the 1st one
Model theory of fields with virtually free group actions
For a group G , we define the notion of a G‐kernel and show that the properties of G ‐kernels are closely related with the existence of a model companion of the theory of Galois actions of G . Using
Quotient groups of IA-automorphisms of a free group of rank 3
It is proved that, for any positive integer c, the quotient group γc(M3)/γc+1(M2) of the lower central series of the McCool group M3 is isomorphic to two copies of the quotients group εγc(F3/γc-1(F4) of a free group F3 of rank 3 as ℤ-modules.
On the stable Andreadakis problem
The complex of partial bases for Fn and finite generation of the Torelli subgroup of Aut (Fn)
We study the complex of partial bases of a free group, which is an analogue for Aut(Fn) of the curve complex for the mapping class group. We prove that it is connected and simply connected, and we
Relative Weight Filtrations on Completions of Mapping Class Groups
This paper gives an exposition of relative weight filtrations on completions of mapping class groups associated to a stable degeneration of marked genus g curves. These relative weight filtrations
Linear Representations of the Automorphism Group of a Free Group
Abstract.Let Fn be the free group on n ≥ 2 elements and Aut(Fn) its group of automorphisms. In this paper we present a rich collection of linear representations of Aut(Fn) arising through the action