Die Grundlagen der Physik

  title={Die Grundlagen der Physik},
  author={David R. Hilbert},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
Cosmic acceleration, inflation, dark matter, and dark 'energy' in one neat package
In creating his gravitational field equations Einstein unjustifiedly assumed that inertial mass, even in its equivalent form as energy, is a source of gravity. Denying this assumption allowsExpand
Regularidade dos minimizantes no cálculo das variações e controlo óptimo
In this Ph.D. thesis a new approach to Lipschitzian regularity of the minimizing trajectories to problems of the calculus of variations and optimal control is developed. The author also generalizesExpand
Killing vector fields and a homogeneous isotropic universe
Some basic theorems on Killing vector fields are reviewed. In particular, the topic of a constant-curvature space is examined. A detailed proof is given for a theorem describing the most general formExpand
Universal principles for Kazdan-Warner and Pohozaev-Schoen type identities
The classical Pohozaev identity constrains potential solutions of certain semilinear PDE boundary value problems. The Kazdan-Warner identity is a similar necessary condition important for theExpand
Emmy Noether: her heritage
Emmy Noether is my role model for the following reasons. She is one of the most important mathematician and physicists of the 20 century; She fought to be a scientist in times where women were notExpand
Mass-Energy-Momentum in General Relativity . Only there because of Spacetime ?
I describe how relativistic field theory generalises the defining property of material systems to possess mass to the requirement of them having a mass-energy-momentum density tensor Tμν (energyExpand
On higher order gravities, their analogy to GR, and dimensional dependent version of Duff’s trace anomaly relation
An almost brief, though lengthy, review introduction about the long history of higher order gravities and their applications, as employed in the literature, is provided. We review the analogousExpand
Universal field equations for metric-affine theories of gravity
We show that almost all metric-affine theories of gravity yield Einstein field equations with a non-null cosmological constant . Under certain circumstances and for any dimension, it is also possibleExpand
Biconservative Submanifolds in $$\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}$$Sn×R and $$\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}$$Hn×R
In this paper we study biconservative submanifolds in $$\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}$$Sn×R and $$\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}$$Hn×R with parallel mean curvature vector field and codimesion 2.Expand
A phenomenological exploration within Theoretical Cosmology: from the Early to the Late Universe.
En esta tesis se han explorado posibles extensiones del Modelo Estandar de la Cosmolog??a. Hemosobtenido las predicciones teoricas de los modelos considerados y sus principales caracter??sticas.Expand