Die Genetik des HL-A-Systems

  title={Die Genetik des HL-A-Systems},
  author={Werner Mayr},
300 unrelated individuals of the Austrian population and 110 families with 381 children have been typed by means of the microlymphocytotoxic test. The analysis of the results of this study shows that the HL-A-antigens are governed by 2 closely linked loci of an autosomal chromosome, the LA-locus with the genesHL-A1, HL-A2, HL-A3, HL-A9, HL-A10, HL-A11, Ba *,Li and the 4-locus with the genesHL-A5, HL-A7, HL-A8, HL-A12, HL-A13, R *,BB, FJH, MaKi, AA, MaPi, LND andET. Further, it was found that… CONTINUE READING