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Die Gattung Anelasmocephalus Simon 1879. Biogeographie, Artgrenzen und Biospezies-Konzept (Opiliones: Trogulidae)

  title={Die Gattung Anelasmocephalus Simon 1879. Biogeographie, Artgrenzen und Biospezies-Konzept (Opiliones: Trogulidae)},
  author={J. Martens and C. Chemini},
A taxonomic catalogue of the Dyspnoi Hansen and Sørensen, 1904 (Arachnida: Opiliones).
The included catalogue represents the first comprehensive species and synonymy listing since Roewer (1923) and summarises all taxonomic changes to date and attempts to be a sound basis against the exponential growing number of online errors. Expand
Beauty under the mud: Soil crypsis in new species of the Malagasy genus Ankaratrix (Opiliones: Triaenonychidae: Triaenobuninae)
Investigation of camouflage in the Malagasy endemic genus Ankaratrix finds a glue layer seems to play an important role in soil crypsis, together with the long tubercles or cuticular apophyses, which could help to catch and retain the soil particles bringing stability to the camouflage layer. Expand
The enigmatic Alpine opilionid Saccarella schilleri gen. n., sp. n. (Arachnida: Nemastomatidae)—isolated systematic placement inferred from comparative genital morphology
A newly discovered species from Monte Saccarello in the Ligurian Alps of North-western Italy is unique in providing anchor points as stabilizing parts of the distal truncus cane below the glans by short and narrow lateral folds, and the creation of a new genus seems justified. Expand
Hidden Mediterranean diversity: assessing species taxa by molecular phylogeny within the opilionid family Trogulidae (Arachnida, Opiliones).
This is the first comprehensive study to evaluate the relationships between the western palearctic harvestman families Dicranolasmatidae, Trogulidae and Nemastomatidae with focus on the phylogeny andExpand
Revision of the genus Trogulus Latreille: the Trogulus coriziformis species-group of the western Mediterranean (Opiliones : Trogulidae)
Within Trogulus, the molecular genetic data support monophyly and basal placement of the Trogulus coriziformis species-group, confined to the western Mediterranean area and its species are allopatrically distributed. Expand
Checkliste der Weberknechte Mittel- und Nordeuropas Checklist of the harvestmen of Central and Northern Europe (Arachnida: Opiliones). Version 27. Dezember 2004.
Einführung/introduction Folgende zusammenfassenden Publikationen liegen dieser Liste zugrunde (mit Angabe der Kürzel für die Checkliste): This list is based on the following comprehensive papersExpand