Die Entwicklung des virtuellen Speichers

  title={Die Entwicklung des virtuellen Speichers},
  author={Eike Jessen},
  • E. Jessen
  • Published 23 August 1996
  • Computer Science
  • Informatik-Spektrum
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Virtualization: A double-edged sword
The principles, potential benefits and risks of virtualization in a deja vu perspective, related to previous experiences with virtualized systems in the mainframe era are discussed.
Die virtuelle Organisation: Von der Idee zur Wettbewerbsstrategie
Im einleitenden Beitrag wird zur Klarung des Begriffs „ Virtuelle Organisation “ aus der Perspektive betriebswirtschaftlicher Forschung und Beratung beigetragen. Er geht den Fragen nach, welche Ideen


Shared virtual memory on loosely coupled multiprocessors
A burial vault apparatus for the interment of bodies either partially or entirely below ground level, and such vault is provided with structure to resist vertical movement.
Implementing a large virtual memory in a Distributed Computing
This work proposes an alternative technique which supports a single very large virtual space with unique addresses across a network which is so organised that a range of configurations can be supported without modification to the software or hardware.
One-Level Storage System
An automatic system which in principle can be applied to any combination of two storage systems so that the combination can be regarded by the machine user as a single level is described.
Slave Memories and Dynamic Storage Allocation
  • M. Wilkes
  • Computer Science
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The use is discussed of a fast core memory of, say, 32000 words as a slave to a slower core memory in such a way that in practical cases the effective access time is nearer that of the fast memory than that ofThe slow memory.
Time-sharing in the IBM system/360: model 67
The Model 67 extends this basic architecture of the IBM System/360 to provide the additional capabilities of an advanced time-sharing system.
A new approach to the functional design of a digital computer
  • R. Barton
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The present methods of determining the functional design of computers are critically reviewed and a new approach proposed, which provides for automatic allocation of temporary storage within expressions and procedures, and a generalized subroutine linkage.
Distributed operating systems
What constitutes a distributed operating system and how it is distinguished from a computer network are discussed, and several examples of current research projects are examined in some detail.
Virtual Memory
  • ACM Comput. Surv.
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