Die Entstehung der Kontinente

  title={Die Entstehung der Kontinente},
  author={Alfred Wegener},
  journal={Geologische Rundschau},
The geological exploration of the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia: a review and bibliography, 1871-2015
The earliest geological explorations of South Georgia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were generally piecemeal and opportunistic, often being undertaken by expeditions with a primary focusExpand
Resolution of the Faint Young Sun Paradox via the Expanding Earth and Radiation Balance Equilibrium Hypothesis
We present a plausible solution to the now forty seven year old paleoclimatology riddle 1 of the so-called Faint Young Sun Paradox via the combined hypothesis of the conservation of the 2 state ofExpand
A historical account of how continental drift and plate tectonics provided the framework for our current understanding of palaeogeography
Abstract Palaeogeography is the cartographic representation of the past distribution of geographic features such as deep oceans, shallow seas, lowlands, rivers, lakes and mountain belts onExpand
Mesozoic marine reptile palaeobiogeography in response to drifting plates
Abstract During the Mesozoic, various groups of reptiles underwent a spectacular return to an aquatic life, colonizing most marine environments. They were highly diversified both systematically andExpand
Understanding the Earth: the contribution of Marie Tharp
Abstract Marie Tharp worked all her life as a geoscientist, and for the most part for the recognition and benefit of her male colleagues. She was employed to assist researchers at ColumbiaExpand
Do Norwegian Textbooks for Compulsory Education Promote Geological System Thinking
Geology is one of many topics in the Norwegian curricula for Natural Science and Geography in compulsory education. System thinking is a strategy to promote conceptual development. The purpose ofExpand
Plate tectonic modelling: review and perspectives
Abstract Since the 1970s, numerous global plate tectonic models have been proposed to reconstruct the Earth's evolution through deep time. The reconstructions have proven immensely useful for theExpand
Transoceanic Stepping-stones between Cretaceous waterfalls? The enigmatic biogeography of pantropical Oocyclus cascade beetles.
A unique pattern with an origin in Southeast Asia followed by the successive colonization of India and the Neotropics via transoceanic stepping-stone dispersal is suggested, and a well resolved phylogenetic hypothesis is recovered. Expand
Evolution géodynamique du craton Ouest Africain au nord du Ghana
Cette these porte sur l'histoire geologique paleoproterozoique du Craton Ouest Africain au nord du Ghana, pendant l’orogenese Eburneenne (2.15-2.07 Ga). La geologie regionale est presentee a l'aideExpand
Potential of Greenland cockles (Serripes groenlandicus) as high resolution Arctic climate archive [Potential der Grönlandherzmuschel (Serripes groenlandicus) als hochauflösendes Klimaarchiv der Arktis]
In order to predict the climatic future of the earth, knowledge about the past is indispensable. Climate models which predict possible developments of future climate change are based on data of pastExpand