Die Buntschnepfe,Nycticryphes semicollaris, in Brasilien

  title={Die Buntschnepfe,Nycticryphes semicollaris, in Brasilien},
  author={Helmut Sick},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r Ornithologie},
  • H. Sick
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • Journal für Ornithologie
The Painted Snipe,Nycticryphes semicollaris, which up till now had only once (1891) been located with certainty in Brazil, was found by the author in May 1961 on the Lagoa Feia, State of Rio de Janeiro. Ten specimens were collected five of which were adults in their reproductive period. There does not appear to be any special difference between the sexes as to coloring and size. Immature is succeded by subadult plumage. Two other southern species were found in the same region: the Variegated… 
O estado do Rio de Janeiro como limite sul e norte de distribuição de algumas espécies de aves
The low proportion of threatened bird species among those with the northern limit of distribution in Rio de Janeiro can be explained by the high proportion of species inhabiting montane forests, which are more protected than the lowland forests.
The Bird Community in a Threatened Coastal Lagoon in Southeastern Brazil
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