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Die Bedeutung des Bacterium bifidum für den Säuglingsorganismus

  title={Die Bedeutung des Bacterium bifidum f{\"u}r den S{\"a}uglingsorganismus},
  author={K. Stenger and H. Wolf},
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Interactions between Bifidobacterium bifidum N4 and Escherichia coli K-12 in their mixed cultures.
Under conditions in which both bacteria grew well in their pure culture, B. bifidum inhibited the growth of E. coli even when the latter was inoculated at 10(4)-fold and preincubated for 41 hr, and in the mixed cultures when the pH values were reduced below 4.6. Expand
Growth Responses of Bifidobacterium bifidum to Coenzyme A, its Precursors and Carrot Extract
The results indicate that the nutritional requirement of B. bifidum is complicated and that CE contains growth factors other than those hitherto recognized. Expand
Spezielle Ernährungsprobleme der Altersstufen
Vergleicht man beim Saugling die Lange der Dickdarmabschnitte untereinander, so ist das Colon ascendens relativ kurzer, das Sigmoid dagegen langer als spater (Wetzel). Expand