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Die Auflösung der Weimarer Republik

  title={Die Aufl{\"o}sung der Weimarer Republik},
  author={Andreas Hillgruber},
From Finance to Fascism
Do financial crises radicalize voters? We study Germany's banking crisis of 1931, when two major banks collapsed and voting for radical parties soared. We collect new data on bank branches and
From Finance to Fascism: the Real Effect of Germany's 1931 Banking Crisis
Do financial crises radicalize voters? We analyze a canonical case â?? Germany during the Great Depression. After a severe banking crisis in 1931, caused by foreign shocks and political inaction,
Austerity and the Rise of the Nazi Party
We study the link between fiscal austerity and Nazi electoral success. Voting data from a thousand districts and a hundred cities for four elections between 1930 and 1933 show that areas more
“A New Way of Governing”: Heinrich Brüning, Rudolf Hilferding, and Cross-Party Cooperation during the Waning Years of the Weimar Republic, 1930–1932
Abstract This article examines the unexpected behind-the-scenes relationship between the conservative Catholic chancellor Heinrich Brüning and Marxist theorist Rudolf Hilferding. This relationship is
Politician hate speech and domestic terrorism
ABSTRACT Does hate speech – rhetoric that targets, vilifies or is intended to intimidate minorities and other groups in society – fuel domestic terrorism? This question is, unfortunately, relevant
Two Germanys? Investigating the Religious and Social Base of the 1930 Nazi Electorate
ABSTRACT By applying data from the 1930 Reichstag election we test whether the German National Socialist Worker’s Party (NSDAP) was a workers, bourgeois, or a catch-all party. We argue that the
Executive Prerogatives in the Legislative Process and Democratic Stability: Evidence from Non-Presidential Systems
In their seminal Presidents and Assemblies, Shugart and Carey regard executive prerogatives over legislation as a potential threat to democratic stability. This article asks whether this claim is
Revolution and Reaction