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Die Agglomeration der bei der Kornfeinung in Aluminiumschmelzen vorhandenen TiB2-Phase

  title={Die Agglomeration der bei der Kornfeinung in Aluminiumschmelzen vorhandenen TiB2-Phase},
  author={Rainer Gerloff and W. Heyroth and Winfried Reif and Udo Schmidt and Theodor Wand},
The agglomeration of the TiB 2 -phase which has been added to molten aluminium for the grain refinement The particle size distribution of the TiB 2 -phase in molten aluminium refined with an AlTiB master alloy can be described by a logarithmic normal distribution. Below of a relative maximum in the particle size distribution at (0.5...1) μm the particles mainly grow by coalescence and above it by agglomeration. The state of the melt and the coarsening of the TiB 2 -phase in dependence on the… 
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