Didaxis, Rhetoric, and the Law in Lucretius

  title={Didaxis, Rhetoric, and the Law in Lucretius},
  author={A. Schiesaro},
In this paper I propose to discuss certain constitutive features of Lucretius’ poem in connection with speciWc aspects of Roman culture in his times. This type of investigation has never been overly popular in the case of the De rerum natura, perhaps as a reaction to Benjamin Farrington’s rather extreme, if generous, promotion of Lucretius to the position of radical political champion.1 In more recent times the welcome, indeed dramatic, increase in our knowledge of Epicurus and Epicureanism has… Expand
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DRN 1.20 eYcis [sc. Venus] ut cupide generatim saecla propagent. SigniWcantly, the adverb appears for the Wrst time in prose with Cicero and Varro