Did the Maya Know the Metonic Cycle?

  title={Did the Maya Know the Metonic Cycle?},
  author={David W. Chambers},
  pages={348 - 351}
" . I am not likely to attempt your quaternion of color' very soon." Evidently the response of others to the conjecture was equally passive. Even Francis Guthrie published nothing on it, though he lived until 1899 and produced a book and several papers on other topics. Apparently it was on 23 October 1852 that Frederick Guthrie communicated his brother's conjecture to De Morgan, who did not bother to explain to Hamilton the indirect nature of the communication."o Probably De Morgan, in telling… 
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Maya Eclipses: Modern Data, The Triple Tritos And The Double Tzolkin
The Eclipse Table on pages 51-58 of the Dresden Codex has long fascinated Maya scholars. Researchers use the mean-value method of 173.3 days to determine nodal passage that is the place where