Did psychrophilic enzymes really win the challenge?

  title={Did psychrophilic enzymes really win the challenge?},
  author={Laurent L.M. Zecchinon and Paule Claverie and Tony Collins and Salvino D'Amico and Daniel Delille and Georges Feller and Daphn{\'e} Georlette and Emmanuelle Gratia and Anne Hoyoux and Marie-Alice Meuwis and Guillaume K Sonan and Charles Gerday},
Organisms living in permanently cold environments, which actually represent the greatest proportion of our planet, display at low temperatures metabolic fluxes comparable to those exhibited by mesophilic organisms at moderate temperatures. They produce cold-evolved enzymes partially able to cope with the reduction in chemical reaction rates and the increased viscosity of the medium induced by low temperatures. In most cases, the adaptation is achieved through a reduction in the activation… CONTINUE READING