Did Einstein really say that?

  title={Did Einstein really say that?},
  author={Andrew Robinson},
As the physicist’s collected papers reach volume 15, Andrew Robinson sifts through the quotes attributed to him.As the physicist’s collected papers reach volume 15, Andrew Robinson sifts through the quotes attributed to him. 

Sliced, not Splitted: a Better Alternative to Many-Worlds?

The many-worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics is currently experiencing a popular resurgence, propelled by such prominent and articulate physicists as Sean Carroll, David Deutsch, Max

The Nobel Memorial Prize for William D. Nordhaus

  • L. Barrage
  • Economics
    The Scandinavian Journal of Economics
  • 2019
William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer received the 2018 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. This paper surveys Nordhaus’ contributions on “integrating climate

Evolutionary history

  • I. Morris
  • History
    Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
  • 2022
Few academic historians take an evolutionary perspective on the past, but this outcome was not inevitable. Leading eighteenth-century intellectuals often took evolutionary perspectives, but

Complexity from Adaptive-Symmetries Breaking: Global Minima in the Statistical Mechanics of Deep Neural Networks

This work states that in complex systems such as DNA molecules, different nucleotide sequences consist of different weak bonds with similar free energy; and energy fluctuations would break the symmetries that conserve the free energy of theucleotide sequences, which selected by the environment would lead to organisms with different phenotypes.

Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto

complex adaptive system where myriad “currencies” interact and respond to feedback systems that enable both flourishing and regulation. This collaborative model— rather than a model of exponential

Neo-Darwinism must Mutate to survive.

QuoteKG: A Multilingual Knowledge Graph of Quotes

Quotes of public figures can mark turning points in history. A quote can explain its originator’s actions, foreshadowing political or personal decisions and revealing character traits. Impactful

Adventuring into Complexity by Exploring Data: From Complicity to Sustainability

This work extends Edgar Morin’s conceptions of restricted and general complexity into pedagogy to address problems of simplicity and reductionist teaching and suggests that complexity-oriented learning based on data exploration can be adapted to other disciplines and used in non-academic areas since information in the modern world is strongly reliant on quantitative data.