Did Copernicus Owe a Debt to Aristarchus?

  title={Did Copernicus Owe a Debt to Aristarchus?},
  author={O. Gingerich},
  journal={Journal for the History of Astronomy},
  pages={37 - 42}
  • O. Gingerich
  • Published 1985
  • Philosophy
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
During Copernicus's lifetime, in the early years ofthe sixteenth century, very little was known in western Europe of Aristarchus. Our best source for Aristarchus's heliocentric ideas, the Sand-reckoner of Archimedes, was not published until 1544, the year after Copernicus died.' In our modern era of library catalogues, reference indices, and data retrieval systems it is easy but anachronistic to imagine that Copernicus could have consulted a manuscript in Italy when he was beginning to learn… Expand
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