Dictyostelium mutants lacking DIF, a putative morphogen.

  title={Dictyostelium mutants lacking DIF, a putative morphogen.},
  author={Will Kopachik and Akiko A Oohata and B. Dhokia and Jenny J. Brookman and Robert R Kay},
  volume={33 2},
DIF is an endogenous extracellular signal that may control differentiation of D. discoideum cells. It is a dialyzable, lipid-like factor that induces stalk cell formation among isolated amebae incubated in vitro with cAMP. To examine the consequences of DIF deprivation, we have isolated several mutant strains that are impaired in DIF accumulation, and whose inability to make stalk cells in vitro and during normal development on agar can be corrected by the addition of exogenous DIF. Little DIF… CONTINUE READING

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