Dictyostelium cells' cytoplasm as an active viscoplastic body

  title={Dictyostelium cells' cytoplasm as an active viscoplastic body},
  author={W. Feneberg and M. Westphal and E. Sackmann},
  journal={European Biophysics Journal},
  • W. Feneberg, M. Westphal, E. Sackmann
  • Published 2001
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • European Biophysics Journal
  • Abstract. We applied a recently developed microrheology technique based on colloidal magnetic tweezers to measure local viscoelastic moduli and active forces in cells of Dictyostelium discoideum. The active transport of nonmagnetic beads taken up by phagocytosis was analyzed by single particle tracking, which allowed us to measure the length of straight steps and the corresponding velocities of the movements. The motion consists of a superposition of nearly straight long-range steps (step… CONTINUE READING

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