Dictyostelium Sun-1 connects the centrosome to chromatin and ensures genome stability.

  title={Dictyostelium Sun-1 connects the centrosome to chromatin and ensures genome stability.},
  author={Huajiang Xiong and Francisco Rivero and Ursula Euteneuer and Subhanjan Mondal and Sebastian Mana-Capelli and Denis A. Larochelle and Annette Vogel and Berthold Gassen and Angelika A. Noegel},
  volume={9 5},
The centrosome-nucleus attachment is a prerequisite for faithful chromosome segregation during mitosis. We addressed the function of the nuclear envelope (NE) protein Sun-1 in centrosome-nucleus connection and the maintenance of genome stability in Dictyostelium discoideum. We provide evidence that Sun-1 requires direct chromatin binding for its inner nuclear membrane targeting. Truncation of the cryptic N-terminal chromatin-binding domain of Sun-1 induces dramatic separation of the inner from… CONTINUE READING
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