Diclofenac and metabolite pharmacokinetics in children.

  title={Diclofenac and metabolite pharmacokinetics in children.},
  author={Caroline D van der Marel and Brian J Anderson and Janne R\omsing and Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain and D Tibboel},
  journal={Paediatric anaesthesia},
  volume={14 6},
BACKGROUND Data concerning metabolism of diclofenac in children are limited to intravenous and enteric coated oral formulations. There are no data examining diclofenac or its hydroxyl metabolite pharmacokinetics after rectal administration in children. METHODS Infants (n = 26) undergoing tonsillectomy were given diclofenac 2 mg.kg(-1) followed by 1 mg.kg(-1) 8 h as suppository formulation for postoperative analgesia. Serum was assayed for diclofenac, 4'-hydroxydiclofenac and 5… CONTINUE READING
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