Dickson Charge Pump with Gate Drive Enhancement and Area Saving

  title={Dickson Charge Pump with Gate Drive Enhancement and Area Saving},
  author={H. Lin and W. C. Chan and W. K. Lee and Zhirong Chen and M. Zhang},
  journal={Journal of Power Electronics},
  • H. Lin, W. C. Chan, +2 authors M. Zhang
  • Published 2016
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Power Electronics
  • This paper presents a novel charge pump scheme that combines the advantages of Fibonacci and Dickson charge pumps to obtain 30 V voltage for display driver integrated circuit application. This design only requires four external capacitors, which is suitable for a small-package application, such as smart card displays. High-amplitude (<6.6 V) clocks are produced to enhance the gate drive of a Dickson charge pump and improve the system’s current drivability by using a voltage-doubler charge pump… CONTINUE READING
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