Dichotomy of astrocytoma migration and proliferation.

  title={Dichotomy of astrocytoma migration and proliferation.},
  author={Alf Giese and Melinda A. Loo and Nhan L. Tran and Dorothy Haskett and Stephen W. Coons and Michael E. Berens},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={67 2},
Astrocytomas often show high rates of local invasion that lead to local recurrence of the disease. Histologically, the most highly invasive astrocytoma cells are detected in isolation rather than as nests of tumor. Our study attempted to determine whether the migratory response to extracellular substrates influences the proliferative behavior of these highly invasive cells. The preferential and specific migratory response of human astrocytoma cells to extracellular matrix proteins was assessed… CONTINUE READING
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