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Dichorionic twin pregnancy discordant for anencephaly: two cases with different management.

  title={Dichorionic twin pregnancy discordant for anencephaly: two cases with different management.},
  author={Maria Elena de la Calle and Sonia Arrieta and Beatriz Herrero and F{\'e}lix Ome{\~n}aca and Jos{\'e} L. Bartha},
  journal={Clinical and experimental obstetrics \& gynecology},
  volume={41 2},
BACKGROUND Prevalence ofanencephaly in dichorionic twins is higher than in singleton pregnancies. The authors report two cases with two different management strategies. CASE 1 Spontaneous dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy with the second twin diagnosed with anencephaly at 12 weeks gestation. Selective feticide was performed at the age of 13.2 weeks. Vaginal delivery occurred at 39 weeks, and birth weight was 2,850 g. CASE 2 Dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy discordant for… Expand
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