Dichhaptic perception of forms by normal adults.


Dichhaptic perception of nonsense forms was examined in familial righthanders. In Exp. 1, 15 males and 15 females performed similarly, obtaining a non-significant right-hand superiority with a 5-sec. memory interval between presentation of stimuli and their choice-recognition response. Individual differences in Block Design scaled scores but not State or Trait anxiety were related to hand performance for both sexes. One strategy on a questionnaire was related to performance of males. Exp. 2 was a replication with the memory interval removed. A significant right-hand superiority was obtained and different strategies were related to performance of males and females.

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@article{Hannay1979DichhapticPO, title={Dichhaptic perception of forms by normal adults.}, author={H. Julia Hannay and A C Smith}, journal={Perceptual and motor skills}, year={1979}, volume={49 3}, pages={991-1000} }