Dicentric (1;15) in myeloid disorders.

  title={Dicentric (1;15) in myeloid disorders.},
  author={Lucienne Michaux and Judith Dierlamm and Cristina Mecucci and Peter Meeus and Genevi{\`e}ve Ameye and Jeanne Marie Libouton and Gregor E. G. Verhoef and Augustin Ferrant and Andries Louwagie and Christine Verellen-Dumoulin and Herman Van den Berghe},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={88 1},
We report three cases of myeloid disorders with a dic(1;15)(p11;p11), resulting in trisomy of the long arm of chromosome 1. A review of the literature showed six cases, reported as t(1;15). We suggest that these cases have the same anomaly and should be reappraised as dic(1;15).