Diazepam blocks fear-potentiated startle in humans.

  title={Diazepam blocks fear-potentiated startle in humans.},
  author={Christopher J. Patrick and Bryan Berthot and J. Daniel Moore},
  journal={Journal of abnormal psychology},
  volume={105 1},
The effects of an anxiolytic drug (diazepam) on emotional responses to aversive stimuli were investigated using physiological measures, including the startle probe reflex. Participants were 54 university students assigned to either a placebo group or a 10 mg or 15 mg diazepam group in a double-blind design. Blink responses to intermittent noise probes were recorded during viewing of neutral and unpleasant slides. Consistent with prior animal work, diazepam blocked startle potentiation during… CONTINUE READING
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