Diatom community structure on in-service cruise ship hulls.

  title={Diatom community structure on in-service cruise ship hulls.},
  author={Kelli Z Hunsucker and Abhishek Koka and Geir Lund and Geoffrey Swain},
  volume={30 9},
Diatoms are an important component of marine biofilms found on ship hulls. However, there are only a few published studies that describe the presence and abundance of diatoms on ships, and none that relate to modern ship hull coatings. This study investigated the diatom community structure on two in-service cruise ships with the same cruise cycles, one coated with an antifouling (AF) system (copper self-polishing copolymer) and the other coated with a silicone fouling-release (FR) system… CONTINUE READING

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