Diastereoselective total synthesis of salvileucalin C.

  title={Diastereoselective total synthesis of salvileucalin C.},
  author={Chenchen Fu and Yuanbao Zhang and J. Q. Xuan and Chenlong Zhu and Bingnan Wang and Hanfeng Ding},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={16 12},
A concise and efficient approach for the diastereoselective total synthesis of salvileucalin C, as well as their biosynthetically related diterpenoids salvileucalin D, salvipuberulin, isosalvipuberulin, and dugesin B, has been reported for the first time. The key features of the strategy are based on a Beckwith-Dowd ring expansion, a tandem diastereoselective Stille coupling/debromination/desilylation/lactonization reaction, and a photoinduced electrocyclic ring contraction. 

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