Diarrhea after total and selective vagotomy

  title={Diarrhea after total and selective vagotomy},
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The rate of evacuation of water from the stomach was found to be significantly increased by vagotomy and drainage procedure. The rate was not affected by the type of drainage procedure or vagotomy. The rate of emptying in patients who develop diarrhea after vagotomy and drainage procedure was significantly faster than that in patients who were symptom-free after operation. 

The Effects of Bariatric Procedures on Bowel Habit

The decrease in bowel motion frequency and change towards firmer stools suggest prolonged intestinal transit time after bariatric procedures, and reduction in dietary fibre intake is likely to be a contributory factor.

Dietary free glutamate prevents diarrhoea during intra-gastric tube feeding in a rat model

Recent studies indicate that l-glutamate (l-Glu), abundant in many foods, is a stimulator of gastric vagal afferent nerves. The aim of the present study was to examine the possibility that l-Glu



Selective or truncal vagotomy?

Bowel Habit After Vagotomy and Gastrojejunostomy

The complete absence of operative mortality almost certainly does not accurately reflect the relative hazards of the three operations if used exclusively, but it shows that, with a certain amount of selection, even resection procedures can in the hands of experienced gastrectomists be remarkably safe at the present time.

Some observations upon selective gastric vagotomy.

A preliminary series of 100 consecutive patients who had been totally vagotomized for more than two years were carefully studied to determine if any alteration in bowel habit could be attributed to vagal denervation, and were surprised to find that 28 patients admitted to a significant change in their bowel habits.

Vagotomy--total or selective?

The change of bowel habits following vagotomy and pyloroplasty

Gastric ulceration following vagotomy; report of 3 cases.

Sequelae of Vagotomy

  • H. Burge
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The main criticism of permanent ileostomy must lie in the need to keep the stoma efficient so that the prosthetic bag can be applied effectively, and with the proper appliance properly managed there is no disability and the adherent bag need not be changed more frequently than once a week, though some patients prefer to do this more and others less frequently.

Effects of gastric surgery upon gastric emptying in cases of peptic ulceration.

This work was carried out to test the validity of the theory that gastric stasis causes gastric ulceration and to correct a deficiency in knowledge about the late effects of gastric surgery on gastric emptying.