Diaphroase activity and variants in normal adults and newborns.

  title={Diaphroase activity and variants in normal adults and newborns.},
  author={Lie Injo Luan Eng and May Loo and F K Fah},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={23 4},
Summary. Red cell NADH-dependent methaemoglobin reductase (diaphorase) activity was estimated in 126 normal healthy adults and 556 newborns of the three major racial groups in Malaysia. The mean enzyme activity in adults was 3.34 units/mg Hb (SD ± 0.63) and in newborns 1.75 u/mg Hb (SD ± 0.48). The difference between the two means is statistically highly significant. Indians, both adults and infants had the lowest mean enzyme activity. Mean activity in a group of newborns whose birth weights… CONTINUE READING

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