Diaphragm mechanics in dogs with unilateral emphysema.

  title={Diaphragm mechanics in dogs with unilateral emphysema.},
  author={Rolf D. Hubmayr and G A Farkas and Hongchao Tao and G C Sieck and Susan S Margulies},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={91 4},
We studied dogs with unilateral papain-induced emphysema to answer two questions: (1) Do emphysema lung-apposed hemidiaphragm (DiE) and normal lung-apposed hemidiaphragm (DiN) have equal capacities for lowering lung surface pressure? and (2) Are side-to-side differences in intrathoracic pressure the result of unequal force outputs by DiE and DiN or are they caused by differences in their mechanical efficiency as pressure generators? After the airways of the emphysematous and normal lungs were… CONTINUE READING

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