Diamorphine-bupivacaine mixture compared with plain bupivacaine for analgesia.

  title={Diamorphine-bupivacaine mixture compared with plain bupivacaine for analgesia.},
  author={Craig R Bailey and R Ruggier and Inger Findley},
  journal={British journal of anaesthesia},
  volume={72 1},
We have studied the efficacy of two extradural infusions (10 ml h-1) in 50 patients in active labour. Patients in the diamorphine group (n = 25) received 0.0625% plain bupivacaine 6.25 mg h-1 mixed with 0.005% diamorphine 0.5 mg h-1 and those in the control group (n = 25) received 0.125% plain bupivacaine 12.5 mg h-1. Both groups received intermittent "top… CONTINUE READING