Dialogue with the Mediterranean: The Role of NATO's Mediterranean Initiative

  title={Dialogue with the Mediterranean: The Role of NATO's Mediterranean Initiative},
  author={G. Winrow},
Of policy entrepreneurship, bandwagoning and free-riding: EU member states and multilateral cooperation frameworks for Europe’s southern neighbourhood
Over the past 25 years the EU and NATO have displayed considerable agency and thus influence as far as the development of institutionalised collective cooperation and/or foreign policy frameworksExpand
The evolving security environment in the eastern Mediterranean: is NATO still a relevant actor?
The article aims to briefly describe the main trends and drivers in the Mediterranean and the Middle East (with an emphasis on the eastern Mediterranean) and to assess whether NATO has a meaningfulExpand
The Southern Flank of NATO, 1951–1959: Military Strategy or Political Stabilization
Introduction 1. The Road to NATO's First Enlargement. From the Association of Greece and Turkey to NATO to their Full Admission (1950-February 1952) 2. The Establishment of NATO's Southern Flank.Expand
Against All Odds: Relations Between Nato and the Mena Region
Abstract : The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) might not be the first region that comes to mind when one contemplates the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). To many, the Alliance wasExpand
Libya After Qadhafi: Reshaping the Political and Security Systems
IntroductionThe fall of Muammar al-Qadhafi in October 2011 marked the end of the Libyan uprising, led to the close of NATO's intervention "Operation Unified Protector" (OUP), and ushered in aExpand
Favouritism in NATO's Southeastern flank: The case of the Greek Colonels, 1967–74
The aim of this paper is to analyse the effect of the Cold War era on a historic event with serious consequences for Greece, namely the Greek Colonels' regime, which lasted between April 1967 andExpand
NATO and Subregional Security Construction in Europe's Periphery: Dialogues in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea
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