Dialogue on the Effects of Disruptive Technology on Firms and Industries

  title={Dialogue on the Effects of Disruptive Technology on Firms and Industries},
  author={Erwin Danneels},
  journal={Journal of Product Innovation Management},
  • Erwin Danneels
  • Published 2006
  • Business
  • Journal of Product Innovation Management

Effects of Disruptive Innovations on Value Processes in Business Ecosystems

Emmi Welin: Effects of Disruptive Innovations on Value Processes in Business Ecosystems Master of Science Thesis Tampere University Master’s Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management

The Role of Market Orientation in Incumbent Firm’s Defense Against Disruptive Innovations

This bachelor’s thesis builds on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation and the business philosophy of market orientation. More specifically, it strives to study how market orientation could help

Disruptive Firms and Technological Change

The fundamental question in the economics of innovation is how technological change is generated in competitive markets. This study confronts this question here by developing the concept of

How to analyze the disruptive potential of business model innovation in two-sided markets?: The case of peer to peer lending marketplaces in Germany

Since the financial crisis, established banks have to deal with different challenges. The lack of confidence of bank customers in established banking business models leads to increasing interest in

Disruptive innovation, the episteme and technology-enhanced learning in higher education

This paper combines the theory of disruptive innovation with Foucault’s concept of the episteme, in order to analyse the extent to which the integration of Foucauldian analysis clarifies

A Disruptive Innovation perspective on students’ opinions of online assessment

This article analyses students’ thoughts and feelings about online assessment. This article uses Disruptive Innovation theory as a lens through which to analyse students’ responses to online

Firm Failure and the Exploration/Exploitation Dilemma:The Role of Firm Life Cycle

Firms face a ceaseless dilemma of adaptation to their environments by embracing the right combination of exploration/exploitation strategies. Regarding this quandary’s long-term impact, we propose a

Commercialization of Innovations in Tanzania

The study investigates types, sources of innovation, and corresponding challenges to commercialization among small and medium-sized industries (SMIs) in Tanzania. It employed a qualitative research



Tight–loose coupling with customers: the enactment of customer orientation

The author argues that firms should balance the natural process of tight coupling with a deliberate effort at loose coupling, and draws implications for further research on the organization-environment interface.

Disruptive Technology Reconsidered: A Critique and Research Agenda

The popular work by Clayton Christensen and colleagues on disruptive technology serves as a springboard to examine five key issues concerning the effect of technological change on firms and

The dynamics of product innovation and firm competences

This study examines how product innovation contributes to the renewal of the firm through its dynamic and reciprocal relation with the firm's competences. Field research in five high-tech firms of

The myopia of learning

The imperfections of learning are not so great as to require abandoning attempts to improve the learning capabilities of organizations, but that those imperfections suggest a certain conservatism in expectations.

Benefit Segmentation: A Decision-oriented Research Tool

According to this article, most techniques of market segmentation rely only on DESCRIPTIVE factors pertaining to purchasers and are not efficient predictors of future buyer behavior. The author

The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

An innovation classic. From Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos, Clay Christensen's work continues to underpin today's most innovative leaders and organizations. A seminal work on disruption--for everyone


Discusses the notion that the ability to exploit external knowledge is crucial to a firm's innovative capabilities. In addition, it is argued that the ability to evaluate and use outside knowledge is

Don’t Judge a Fund by the Book

  • Business Week, June 25, 12.
  • 2001

Innovative Funds Board Redeems Disruptive Growth Fund Shares

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