Diagonal supercompact Radin forcing

  title={Diagonal supercompact Radin forcing},
  author={Omer Ben-Neria and Chris Lambie-Hanson and Spencer Unger},
  journal={Ann. Pure Appl. Log.},
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Another method for constructing models of not approachability and not SCH

A new method of constructing a model of SCH+ is presented, which simplifies the construction of models of the model of AP by 90% and halves the complexity of the original model by 90%.

Global Chang’s Conjecture and singular cardinals

It is proved relative to large cardinals that Chang’s Conjecture can consistently hold between all pairs of limit cardinals below the minimal level.



Aronszajn trees on aleph2 and aleph3

The tree property at successors of singular cardinals

It is shown that if $\ lambda$ is a singular limit of strongly compact cardinals, then $\lambda^+$ carries no Aronszajn trees.

The Tree Property

Abstract We construct a model in which there are no ℵn-Aronszajn trees for any finiten⩾2, starting from a model with infinitely many supercompact cardinals. We also construct a model in which there

Successive failures of approachability

Motivated by showing that in ZFC we cannot construct a special Aronszajn tree on some cardinal greater than $\aleph_1$, we produce a model in which the approachability property fails (hence there are

Making the supercompactness of κ indestructible under κ-directed closed forcing

A model is found in which there is a supercompact cardinal κ which remains supercompact in any κ-directed closed forcing extension.

The tree property and the failure of SCH at uncountable cofinality

Given a regular cardinal λ and λ many supercompact cardinals, we describe a type of forcing such that in the generic extension there is a cardinal κ with cofinality λ, the Singular Cardinal

The tree property and the failure of the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis at ℵω2

Abstract We show that given ω many supercompact cardinals, there is a generic extension in which the tree property holds at ℵω2+ 1 and the SCH fails at ℵω2.

The tree property below ℵω⋅2

Prikry-Type Forcings

One of the central topics of set theory since Cantor has been the study of the power function κ→2 κ . The basic problem is to determine all the possible values of 2 κ for a cardinal κ. Paul Cohen

A model for a very good scale and a bad scale

A type of forcing is described such that in the generic extension the cofinality of κ is λ, there is a very good scale at κ, a bad scale atκ, and SCH at λ fails.