Diagonal Subschemes and Vector Bundles

  title={Diagonal Subschemes and Vector Bundles},
  author={Piotr Pragacz and Vasudevan Srinivas and Vishwambhar Pati},
  journal={Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly},
We study when a smooth variety X, embedded diagonally in its Cartesian square, is the zero scheme of a section of a vector bundle of rank dim(X) on X × X. We call this the diagonal property (D). It was known that it holds for all flag manifolds SLn/P . We consider mainly the cases of proper smooth varieties, and the analogous problems for smooth manifolds (“the topological case”). Our main new observation in the case of proper varieties is a relation between (D) and cohomologically trivial line… 

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We express the diagonals of projective, Grassmann and, more generally, flag bundles of type A using the zero schemes of some vector bundle sections. We do the same for the single point subschemes in

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We reprove the main result of our joint work [arXiv:0706.0604] with Srinivas, concerning finite Schur filtration dimension, but now with the base field replaced by a commutative noetherian ring k.

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We show that a Gorenstein subcanonical codimension 3 subscheme Z ⊂ X = P , N ≥ 4, can be realized as the locus along which two Lagrangian subbundles of a twisted orthogonal bundle meet degenerately

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Let A be a reduced affine k-algebra of dimension n over an algebraically closed field k. Let FnKo(A) denote the sub-group of Ko(A) generated by the images of all the residue fields of all smooth

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I provide more details to the intersection theoretic results in [1]. CONTENTS 1. Transversality and tubular neighborhoods 1 2. The Poincaré dual of a submanifold 4 3. Smooth cycles and their

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Compact complex surfaces.

Historical Note.- References.- The Content of the Book.- Standard Notations.- I. Preliminaries.- Topology and Algebra.- 1. Notations and Basic Facts.- 2. Some Properties of Bilinear forms.- 3. Vector

Fake projective planes

A fake projective plane is a complex surface different from but has the same Betti numbers as the complex projective plane. It is a complex hyperbolic space form and has the smallest Euler Poincare

Formulas for Lagranigian and orthogonal degeneracy loci; $$\widetilde Q$$ -polynomial approach

AbstractThe main goal of the paper is to give explicit formulas for the fundamental classes of Schubert subschemes in Lagrangian and orthogonal Grassmannians of maximal isotropic subbundles as well