Diagnostics of Coronal Magnetic Fields through the Hanle Effect in UV and IR Lines

  title={Diagnostics of Coronal Magnetic Fields through the Hanle Effect in UV and IR Lines},
  author={N. Raouafi and P. Riley and S. Gibson and S. Fineschi and S. Solanki},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
The plasma thermodynamics in the solar upper atmosphere, particularly in the corona, are dominated by the magnetic field, which controls the flow and dissipation of energy. The relative lack of knowledge of the coronal vector magnetic field is a major handicap for progress in coronal physics. This makes the development of measurement methods of coronal magnetic fields a high priority in solar physics. The Hanle effect in the UV and IR spectral lines is a largely unexplored diagnostic. We use… Expand
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