Diagnostic reasoning in Nizāmī 'Arūzī's Four Discourses.


BACKGROUND Most studies on medical reasoning focus on contemporary allopathic practitioners. Here, the significance of diagnostic sense in Nizāmī 'Arūzī's Four Discourses (Chahār Maqāle), an influential text that circulated widely throughout the Islamic world, is explored. METHODS After a brief introduction, key passages are translated on how doctors… (More)
DOI: 10.1136/jmh.2010.004572


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@article{Aggarwal2010DiagnosticRI, title={Diagnostic reasoning in Nizāmī 'Arūzī's Four Discourses.}, author={Neil Krishan Aggarwal}, journal={Medical humanities}, year={2010}, volume={36 2}, pages={88-92} }