Diagnostic open-lung biopsy after bone marrow transplantation.

  title={Diagnostic open-lung biopsy after bone marrow transplantation.},
  author={Charles L. Snyder and Norma K. C. Ramsay and Phillip B McGlave and Keith Ferrell and Arnold S. Leonard},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={25 8},
  pages={871-6; discussion 876-7}
The development of pulmonary infiltrates is an ominous sign in the immunocompromised host (ICH). Selection of the best diagnostic and therapeutic approach is often difficult, and in part depends on the risk-to-benefit ratio of various diagnostic modalities, such as bronchoscopy, bronchioalveolar lavage, percutaneous needle biopsy, and open-lung biopsy (OLB). We reviewed our experience with OLB and bronchoscopy in a predominantly pediatric bone marrow transplantation population, and attempted to… CONTINUE READING