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Diagnostic experimental des helminthoses animales. Travaux pratiques d'helminthologie veterinaire

  title={Diagnostic experimental des helminthoses animales. Travaux pratiques d'helminthologie veterinaire},
  author={Jacques Euz{\'e}by},
Diagnostic experimental des helminthoses animals: travaux pratiques d'helminthologie veterinaire , Diagnostic experimental des helminthoses animals: travaux pratiques d'helminthologie veterinaire , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی 
Parasitisme gastro-intestinal chez les animaux du parc zoologique de Hann au Sénégal
This study provides a basis for the establishment of treat­ments in these animals and identifies the eggs of parasites such as Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati that were present in carnivores and primates. Expand
Prevalence of stomach nematodes (Habronema spp, Draschia megastoma and Trichostrongylus axei) in horses examined post mortem in Normandy.
The spirurid larvae of these nematodes escape from thin-shelled, embryonated eggs during transit through the intestinal tract of infected horses and are ingested by maggots and the parasites and the flies develop synchronously thereafter. Expand
Determination of Endoparasites by Faecal Examination in the Wild Boar Population in Vojvodina (Serbia)
It is indicated that wild boar population living in hunting grounds in Vojvodina is a potential reservoir of a variety of endoparasites, thus endangering the surrounding ecosystem. Expand
L'immunodiagnostic de la fasciolose à Fasciola gigantica par la technique ELISA au Sénégal. Observatoins préliminaires chez deux agneaux
L'objet de ce travail est de tester l'utilisation de la technique ELISA au Senegal pour le diagnostic de la fasciolose a Fasciola gigantica chez le mouton en utilisant comme antigene les produitsExpand
Gastrointestinal Strongyles Egg Excretion in Relation to Age, Gender, and Management of Horses in Italy
Although large strongyles are more pathogenic, horses in Italy are mainly burdened by small strongyles, which pose an important animal health risk requiring continuous parasitological monitoring. Expand
Evaluation of Calcium, Phosphorus and Alkaline Phosphatase in Dirofilaria immitis Infection in Dogs
The results of the present study indicated that 20 of the 80 examined dogs were infected by Dirofilaria immitis microfiler and the prevalence of diroFilariasis was 25%. Expand
Molecular cross-sectional survey of gastric habronemosis in horses.
A two-step semi-nested PCR assay using ribosomal DNA (rDNA) markers has recently been used for the molecular diagnosis in vivo of gastric habronemosis based on the detection of H. microstoma and/or H. muscae DNA in equine faeces. Expand
Clinical Case of Respiratory Eucoleosis in a Dog from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ivermectin administration at a dose of 0.4 mg/kg was sufficient to eliminate parasitic infection with Eucoleus aerophilus in a 5-month-old, mixed-breed female dog in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Expand
Les affections parasitaires chez les ruminants en Polynésie Française
A la suite d’une enquête parasitaire effectuée en Polynésie Française, il a été dressé un premier inventaire des helminthes et des protozoaires parasites des bovins et des petits ruminants. LesExpand
Endoparasites and vector-borne pathogens in dogs from Greek islands: Pathogen distribution and zoonotic implications
Knowledge of occurrence and impact of zoonotic parasites and vector-borne pathogens in dog populations is crucial to prevent the infection in animals and people, and to control the risk of spreading of these pathogens in endemic and non-endemic areas. Expand