Diagnostic delays and mis‐management in cluster headache

  title={Diagnostic delays and mis‐management in cluster headache},
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  • A. Bahra, P. Goadsby
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
Objectives – Cluster headache is a stereotyped form of primary headache that while common in terms of neurologic illnesses is much less common as a cause of disabling headache than migraine. 
Cluster Headache: Clinical Presentation, Lifestyle Features, and Medical Treatment
Cluster headache is a rare but severe headache form with a distinct clinical presentation and misdiagnoses and mismanagement among patients are high.
Managing cluster headache
This article aims to guide general neurologists to an accurate diagnosis and practical management options for cluster headache patients.
Cluster headache
  • Christina R. Lindemann
  • Medicine, Psychology
    JAAPA : official journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • 2022
Clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of cluster headache are reviewed.
Validation of a Brief Self‐Administered Questionnaire for Cluster Headache Screening in a Tertiary Center
Early neurologic referral is indicated in patients with a suspected diagnosis of cluster headache so that management can be optimized and unnecessary procedures avoided.
Primary headache disorders.
Update: Pathogenesis and Diagnosis in Headache
The recently proposed pathogenesis in migraine, diagnostic issues which might to be changed in coming ICHD‐III, and commonly experienced difficulties in diagnosis of cluster headache and tension type headache are mentioned.
Diagnosis and management of the primary headache disorders in the emergency department setting.
Medication-overuse headache in patients with cluster headache
Patients with CH, especially those with a personal and/or family history of migraine, must be carefully monitored for MOH, and medication withdrawal should be considered if a CH patient presents with features of MOH.
12 The Medical History: The Key to Correct Headache Diagnosis
The presence of warning symptoms should necessitate further investigation to rule out an underlying cause and targeted questions and pattern recognition of typical presentations of headache enable more confident diagnosis.


Prevalence of Headache in Tulp's Observationes Medicae (1641) with a Description of Cluster Headache
  • P. Koehler
  • Medicine
    Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache
  • 1993
In 1641, Nicolaas Tulp published his Observationes Medicae, in which medical knowledge and practice in that period is described in more than 200 systematically organized case histories, two different types of “recurring headache” are mentioned: migraine and, probably, cluster headache.
Pathophysiology of cluster headache: a trigeminal autonomic cephalgia
  • P. Goadsby
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The Lancet Neurology
  • 2002
Cluster headache: a review
  • A. Krabbe
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    Acta neurologica Scandinavica
  • 1986
Cluster headache is a rare headache entity that predominantly occurs in younger males, characterized by sudden attacks of unilateral excruciating pain localized periorbitally, associated with ipsilateral autonomic symptoms.
Cluster headache: A prospective clinical study with diagnostic implications
Patients with cluster headache offer a population of primary headache patients with devastating acute attacks of pain and the syndrome is stereotyped with effective evidence-based treatments that are prescribed in only half of patients having cluster headache.
Cluster Headache — Clinical Findings in 180 Patients
The study of timing of cluster periods suggests, for some patients, a constant, typical temporal pattern not necessarily related to seasons or the months of the year, and cluster headache cannot be considered as a nocturnal headache.
Cluster headache and related conditions
This volume of Frontiers in Headache Research is the only up-to-date and comprehensive review of the condition and its related disorders and looks at the wealth of basic research into cluster headache.
[Prophylactic treatment of cluster headache with verapamil].
Verapamil is the preventive therapy of choice for cluster headache and early treatment onset shortens episode duration by four times, while chronic cluster headache probably requires higher doses.
Migrainous neuralgia or cluster headache?
Cluster Headache: Mechanisms and Management
When you read more every page of this cluster headache mechanisms and management, what you will obtain is something great.