Diagnostic accuracy of technetium-99m-MIBI myocardial SPECT in women and men.

  title={Diagnostic accuracy of technetium-99m-MIBI myocardial SPECT in women and men.},
  author={C{\'e}sar Santana-Boado and Jaume Candell-Riera and Joan Castell-Conesa and Santiago Aguade-Bruix and Amparo Garc{\'i}a-Burillo and Teresa Canela and Jos{\'e} Manuel Morales Gonzalez and J. Cortadellas and Daniel Mart{\'i} i Ortega and Jordi Soler-Soler},
  journal={Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine},
  volume={39 5},
UNLABELLED Noninvasive diagnosis of coronary artery disease in women has some limitations due to a higher percentage of false-positive results. In addition, a lower prevalence of disease can be observed in this population. In this study, we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of 99mTc-methoxy-isobutyl-isonitrile (MIBI) SPECT in women and men, in a group of patients with proven coronary artery disease by coronary angiography (select minority) and in all patients where a noninvasive test (silent… CONTINUE READING