[Diagnosis of von Willebrand's disease].


31 patients with the diagnosis or presumed diagnosis of von Willebrand's disease were reinvestigated by means of Ristocetin cofactor-activity and factor VIII-associated antigen. In addition a family with a variant of von Willebrand's disease is described. Ristocetin cofactor-activity was found the most reliable test, its value for the diagnosis of mild forms and of variants of von Willebrand's disease is further established by these results.


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@article{Bttcher1978DiagnosisOV, title={[Diagnosis of von Willebrand's disease].}, author={Dieter B{\"{o}ttcher and Karla Hasler and G. Winckelmann and Anton Heinz Sutor and Doris Mair}, journal={Medizinische Klinik}, year={1978}, volume={73 22}, pages={833-8} }