Diagnosis of tuberculosis by DNA amplification in clinical practice evaluation.

  title={Diagnosis of tuberculosis by DNA amplification in clinical practice evaluation.},
  author={A Brisson-Noel and Christine Aznar and Corinne Chureau and Steve Nguyen and Catherine Pierre and Manuela Bartoli and R Bon{\`e}te and Gilles Pialoux and B. Gicquel and G. F. Garrigue},
  volume={338 8763},
Various polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays have been devised for the rapid identification of mycobacteria in clinical specimens. To assess the value of such assays in routine laboratory work the results obtained by PCR were compared with those obtained by standard microbiological methods for 514 specimens collected for investigation of mycobacterial infection. Specimens were tested for the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and atypical mycobacteria in two assays, one based on… CONTINUE READING
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