[Diagnosis of rheumatoid uveitis in children and teenagers].


We have done a retrospective study of juvenile rheumatoid uveitis of hospitalized cases between 1993-2002. 96 juvenile uveitis were available and 18 of this cases were diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid uveitis. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis associated uveitis is one of the most difficult of the uveitic entities to manage. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is the most common rheumatic disease of childhood. The classic presentation is an asymptomatic, bilateral, non-granulomatous iridocyclitis and the latency between onset of arthritis and detection of uveitis is around two years. Arthritis precedes the onset of uveitis, so the ophthalmologist will usually see the patients after the diagnosis has been established by the pediatrician or rheumatologist.

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