Diagnosis of oral precancer with optical coherence tomography

  title={Diagnosis of oral precancer with optical coherence tomography},
  author={Cheng-Kuang Lee and Ting-Ta Chi and Chiung-Ting Wu and Meng-Tsan Tsai and Chun-Pin Chiang and Chih-Chung Yang},
  booktitle={Biomedical optics express},
A procedure for computer analyzing an optical coherence tomography (OCT) image of normal and precancerous oral mucosae is demonstrated to reasonably plot the boundary between epithelium (EP) and lamina propria (LP) layers, determine the EP thickness, and estimate the range of dysplastic cell distribution based on standard deviation (SD) mapping. In this study, 54 normal oral mucosa, 39 oral mild dysplasia, and 44 oral moderate dysplasia OCT images are processed for evaluating the diagnosis… CONTINUE READING