Diagnosis of human caliciviruses by use of enzyme immunoassays.

  title={Diagnosis of human caliciviruses by use of enzyme immunoassays.},
  author={Xi Jiang and Nouansy K Wilton and W. M. Zhong and Tibor Farkas and Paul W Huang and Elizabeth Barrett and Maria de Lourdes Guerrero and Guillermo M. Ru{\'i}z-Palacios and Kim Y Green and Joanne Connor Green and Antony D Hale and Mary K. Estes and Larry K. Pickering and David O. Matson},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={181 Suppl 2},
The application of molecular technologies, such as the expression of viral proteins in baculovirus, has provided a powerful approach to the diagnosis of human calicivirus (HuCV) infections. The baculovirus-expressed HuCV capsid protein self-assembles into virus-like particles, providing excellent reagents for immunologic assays, such as enzyme immunoassays (EIAs). Following the expression of the capsid protein of Norwalk virus, the capsid proteins of 8 other HuCV strains have been expressed in… CONTINUE READING