Diagnosis of biliary atresia with radionuclide hepatobiliary imaging.

  title={Diagnosis of biliary atresia with radionuclide hepatobiliary imaging.},
  author={J P Gerhold and William C. Klingensmith and Christopher C. Kuni and John Lilly and Arnold R. Silverman and Alan R. Fritzberg and Thomas L. Nixt},
  volume={146 2},
Sixteen patients with biliary atresia and 11 patients with neonatal hepatitis were studied preoperatively with either Tc-99m-diethyl-IDA or TC-99m-diisopropyl-IDA. Two parameters were evaluated: hepatocyte clearance and time to appearance of radioactivity in the intestine. Two observers, using a visual grading system of 1 to 4, gave the 16 patients with biliary atresia a hepatocyte clearance grade of 1.7 +/- 0.6 (mean +/- SD); intestinal radioactivity was not seen through 24 hours. The… CONTINUE READING
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