Diagnosis delay in Libyan female breast cancer

  title={Diagnosis delay in Libyan female breast cancer},
  author={Eramah Ermiah and Fathi B. Elmabrouk Abdalla and Abdelbaset S Buhmeida and Entesar Larbesh and Seppo Olavi Pyrh{\"o}nen and Yrj{\"o} U. Collan},
  booktitle={BMC Research Notes},
To study the diagnosis delay and its impact on stage of disease among women with breast cancer on Libya. 200 women, aged 22 to 75 years with breast cancer diagnosed during 2008–2009 were interviewed about the period from the first symptoms to the final histological diagnosis of breast cancer. This period (diagnosis time) was categorized into 3 periods: <3 months, 3–6 months, and >6 months. If diagnosis time was longer than 3 months, the diagnosis was considered delayed (diagnosis delay… CONTINUE READING
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