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Diagnosis and therapy of the subinvolution of placental sites in the bitch.

  title={Diagnosis and therapy of the subinvolution of placental sites in the bitch.},
  author={M. Dickie and K. Arbeiter},
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Within the last 19 years, 20 cases of placentitis post partum have been studied at the clinic. On 14 occasions the condition took the form of excessive uterine bleeding (metrorrhagia) post partum and, on five occasions, of prolonged vaginal discharge lasting 8-13 weeks post partum. One bitch with a clinically undetectable form of this disorder was diagnosed at ovariohysterectomy. The average age of the bitches was 4.5 years (range 2-6 years). Examinations included abdominal palpation… Expand
Progestins as a treatment for subinvolution of placental sites in the bitch.
Full recovery of subinvolution of placental sites in an American Staffordshire terrier bitch.
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